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Standing out against the crowd

We are a small team of two who are focused & results driven. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of digital marketing and SEO.

Wolf and Kettle are aware of small business budgeting and so when it comes to digital marketing we appreciate that the price has to right. We have put together several packages to cater for all levels of need  which don't break the bank but will generate you a return.

We will deliver honest and transparent reporting of your campaign giving you insight into how your website is performing. We will also deliver regular reporting of our own progress & development.

Ready made businesses & websites

Micro website design

A micro website is the perfect solution to allow you to focus on different aspects of your business in a way that your main website cannot. There is no limit to how many micro websites you can have and each of them can focus on one specialist area. For example, if you were a Beauty Salon and your main site listed your general services and retail you could have a micro website targeting wedding services & make up.

  • Highlight a specific campaign.
  • Target specific buyer personas
  • Inspire a specific call-to-action


Our own digital assets


Websites we manage


Links we have built

Small business making factory





We  have established digital assets currently online now which cover a plethora of industries and sectors. We are literally ready to go, give us your business and we will run with it